First Request

First Request

Kristen the Riveter

Technically, this is the second request I’ve gotten, but the first request of “erotica” (you know who you are) seemed a little too risqué so early on. So in my attempt to teach myself basic Photoshop, I started with:

Oh, the places that fist has been…the things it’s seen.

Mixed gently with this:

And this was birthed:

Please don’t click on this image; the quality is much worse zoomed in.

Okay, the speech balloon doesn’t exactly match up, but I was very hungover (mom, hope you’re not reading this). Granted, it’s not the most spectacular piece of Phostoshopping you’ll ever see, but I have a bit of pride in it all the same.

So if anyone else has a some images that they’d like to see me crudely mash together, keeping in mind that it’ll look worse than that married couple’s first kiss on The Virgin Diaries, let me know here.